Personality Development


The school emphasizes on the over all personality development of the children. This is an area where nothing can be compromised. It is the area which decides the future growth of the child in a multi dimensional level. Formalities and etiquette are the far most important things connected with this field. In addition to this, children are taught the interacting techniques



Biology: There are live and preserved specimens of plants and animals to facilitate course experiments. There is a good collection of permanent slides that proves to be a wealth of information for the students. All modern, scientific apparatus along with models and charts are used here. Chemistry: Emphasis is laid on observation and analysis which is crucial in scientific experiments. The lab is thoroughly equipped and proves to be a platform for the inquisitive minds. Physics: Experiments , demonstrations and practical’s are carried out by the students over here. Students are guided and observed while they are at work in the lab.

Vocational Guidance and Counseling


Education prepares the citizens of tomorrow. Our future citizens must take up careers for which they have the flair. Most students are unaware of the various career options available to them and stumble on their way in life trying to discover what they are the best made for. Trained student counselors, using aptitude tests and a series of other tests, help children in the process of selecting appropriate careers taking into consideration of their academic, extra curricular performance, interests and aspiration. A guidance counselor emphasizes life skills, study skills and decision making processes.

Professionals are invited from diverse fields and spheres of life to broaden the concept of careers and help students to develop a realistic assessment of available and emerging vocational alternatives. The school will identify the talents of the children by the time they reach the class X. Students who are not well in academics will be taught some technical jobs. The school will give counseling and interaction to children. They may include office jobs, travel and tourism, adventurous sports etc